Alabama Crimson Tide cat collar, Red and White Polka Dot

$ 9.00

Like the modern look to cat collars? Then this Red and White Polka Dot print cat collar is perfect! It also has a hint of glitter (will not come off.) This collar is also great for an Alabama Crimson Tide game day! Roll Tide!

This collar, features a breakaway buckle for your cat's safety. The buckle comes apart easily if the collar is caught on something. Add a split ring and removable bell at no extra cost.

Kitten (5" - 9") - width: 3/8"
Adult Kitty (7" - 11") - width: 3/8"
Big Kitty (10" - 15") - width: 3/8"

About Our Cat Collars:

  • Is made with Nylon webbing for extra durability.
  • Each collar is constructed using top quality hardware, heavyweight webbing and durable fabrics.
    • We only use curved side release buckles, designed to hug your cat's neck, with nickel plated D-rings.
    • Includes safety buckle (breakaway buckle), perfect for your kitty.
    • Everything is handmade by myself.

    Red, White

    ***PLEASE NOTE*** We have a 3-5 business day shipping policy. Sometimes we ship earlier than that and sometimes it can take the full 5 business days. Please keep note of these before you purchase. If you need something quicker, contact us and we can accommodate. Please make sure your address is correct when you purchase. We are not responsible for delayed mailings due to a wrong address.

    All collars and ID tags are not indestructible. Sometimes things can happen that can damage your item. Please be aware, If your pet scratches at the collar, it can damage the top layer. Over time, the printed surface of the ID tags will become scratched / chipped from hitting things like the hardware on the collar. The ID tags are durable, but they are not chew resistant.

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