Pink leopard cat collar

$ 9.00

For a super adorable look, this beautiful pink leopard cat collar is a modern accessory for your fluffy feline. Hand-tailored in minute detail, it features hot pink nylon webbing with a ferociously cute leopard print grosgrain ribbon stitched on the top. Your choice of bell and a breakaway buckle round off the design. Stay one-step ahead of your kitten with the gentle tinkling of the bell to help you keep tabs on his activity.

This collar, features a breakaway buckle for your cat's safety. The buckle comes apart easily if the collar is caught on something. Add a split ring and removable bell at no extra cost.

Kitten (5" - 9") - width: 3/8"
Adult Kitty (7" - 11") - width: 3/8"
Big Kitty (10" - 15") - width: 3/8"

About Our Cat Collars:

  • Is made with Nylon webbing for extra durability.
  • Each collar is constructed using top quality hardware, heavyweight webbing and durable fabrics.
    • We only use curved side release buckles, designed to hug your cat's neck, with nickel plated D-rings.
    • Includes safety buckle (breakaway buckle), perfect for your kitty.
    • Everything is handmade by myself.

    Hot Pink, Black


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